Mainframes are as important to the enterprise today as they have ever been. So finding the right people is critical. Fortunately Ignite Mainframe can help with all aspects of professional mainframe consulting.

Assessments & Roadmaps


Providing impartial assessments on any or all aspects of current mainframe use. Let us help you get most business value from your mainframe.

Business Continuity


Testing business continuity plans and providing an impartial assessment.

Systems Programming


Sometimes System z* systems programmers can be hard to find. However now you have found us the search is over.



Ignite Mainframe can help implement new software or migrate between products.



Our consultants have many years of experience of upgrading mainframe software.

Performance Tuning and
Capacity Planning


Get the most from your hardware and plan in advance for future upgrades to run as cost effectively as possible.

Assembler Programming


Whilst not strictly speaking a Systems Programming discipline, typically we find customers that have system exits written in assembler. These need maintaining when new software is installed or when new functionality is needed. We have very experienced consultants that can do this and also assist in the documentation of this code.



No two customers are the same and therefore Ignite’s flexible and tailored approach to support ensures customers get what they need, no more, no less. Contact us to put this to the test.

DBA Support


We can provide cost effective support, from UK and Europe. Ignite Mainframe staff can also be placed on 2nd line support duties to be used to cover times of low staff numbers, for example holidays, or when emergency cover is needed to supplement own staff levels.

Business Case


We can independently help with business cases. Whether it is for new software, a swap or perhaps just showing the real savings of a mainframe when comparing it to expensive server farms.

Security Management


We have staff skilled in CA ACF2, CA Chorus, CA Top Secret, RACF and other security software.



All of our trainers are consultants with mainframe experience. This enables them to bring "real life" experiences when delivering off the shelf or bespoke education for our clients and partners.