Comprehensive capabilities enable a Digital BizOps platform that aligns business and IT to accelerate and streamline innovation

Enterprise Software


Industry analysts, consulting experts and companies that have had success in becoming digital businesses agree: to achieve meaningful success in digital transformation, point solutions do not provide sufficient visibility or insights. Large organizations need end-to-end visibility across all aspects of the digital lifecycle. Broadcom’s Digital BizOps Platform combines capabilities from Business Management, DevOps, and AIOps in a single unified system. The Digital BizOps platform leverages AI and ML to analyze, correlate and connect data across these domains, creating an unprecedented degree of transparency and visibility across the organization—which fosters trust, alignment and confidence. Explore the capabilities that are part of our Digital BizOps Platform.


Agile Management

Establish the data-driven agile development plans that maximize speed, quality, and efficiency. Align strategic investments with work execution, so you can deliver more value to customers, and do so more quickly.



Leverage complete AIOps capabilities, including application, infrastructure, and network monitoring; machine learning analytics; and automated service orchestration. Establish self-healing IT services that fuel superior customer experiences.


API Management

Optimize every phase of the API lifecycle. Gain the capabilities you need to secure APIs, micro-services, users,and transactions. Accelerate the integrations that unleash new opportunities.



Harness the automation, AI, and integrations that fuel your enterprise’s agility. Automate business, IT, and continuous delivery processes, so you can optimize quality and accelerate innovation.


Business Management​

Leverage simple and powerful software for planning, tracking, and managing deliverables. Gain modern capabilities for digital outcome management, so you can optimize cost efficiency and fuel innovation.


Continuous Testing

Test continuously throughout the software development lifecycle, to eliminate bottlenecks and enable developers to work faster. Reduce defects and improve quality, while accelerating the rate of innovation.



Harness the advanced capabilities you need to establish trust, stay compliant, and deliver a great user experience. Secure data, users, and transactions across all environments and user devices.