As a CA Services preferred consulting partner and reseller we are pleased to announce that CA PPM 15.5 is now available for On Premise and SaaS customers.

Whether you are an existing customer or not, please contact us if you are interested in exploiting the new features of this latest release that include:

  • Teams and Team-Based Planning, which allow organizations to conduct resource planning in a more efficient fashion by eliminating the need to plan every task or project all the way down to the individual resource.
  • One of the industry’s first combinations of visual Roadmapping with Time-Phased Fiscal Period Planning in addition to other enhancements such as multi-column grid sorting and saving of grid column widths as part of a view.
  • Channels, which allow you to punch out to external locations within the modern UX to streamline access to other useful management tools.
  • Custom Investment Types (beta), which reduce governance friction by allowing organizations to articulate your investment plans in your stakeholders’ preferred language.
  • Continued steps in our project management transformation including: the ability to define To Do’s, Links, and the modern UX Banner Color in Project Templates in order to facilitate new ways of working; the ability to seed context-sensitive parameters such as Project Name and ID into links to enable the link destination to dynamically reflect the different respective projects; and improved resource management through the ability to replace team members in the Staff tab.
  • Various items in response to customer demand, including support for Fixed Work task types in Microsoft Project, the ability to use the ENTER key to post Conversations, improvements to handling of localization for Project Visuals & Modules in the modern UX, improvements to the treatment of Days in the Timesheet Review & Approve, and additional options for enforcing stricter security when selecting project participants in the classic UX.